Business Continuity Consulting is your partner in the area of organizational security, offering a wide range of services, starting from the elaboration of the necessary strategy, policy or procedures until the design and implementation of an appropriate management system.

Our team is dedicated to provide tangible value by solving the tactical challenges of developing and managing security and business continuity solutions. Each member of our team has at least 10 years of proven experience in the field, with unequalled competence. Our broadly specialized experience in the field of security and operations continuity management simplifies complex tasks before, during and after developing the business continuity program. 

Any unforeseen situation (natural disasters, technological failures, human errors, cyber-attacks, etc.) can have a major and sustained impact on all companies, their employees and infrastructures. In a competitive environment, few organizations can afford costly business interruptions.

The continuity of the services provided, operations and the uninterrupted functioning of the technological resources is permanently threatened by new technologies, the evolution of processes and new business opportunities. With the integration of new information technologies in the processes of data processing, transmission and storage, a number of threats and vulnerabilities of the information system have emerged.

Through a proactive approach, based on risk assessment, which includes preventive, detective and corrective controls aimed at reducing these risks, Business Continuity Consulting can provide the necessary support throughout the process of changing and implementing mechanisms to ensure the continuity of your operations and business.

Business Continuity Consulting works closely with its clients to address the security issues of each client, without interrupting their ability to conduct the ongoing operations. The services provided by Business Continuity Consulting are not limited to identifying and recommending effective countermeasures, such as rehabilitating existing security vulnerabilities. Instead, the company is dedicated to helping its customers develop and maintain an integrated security infrastructure, which can prevent and minimize the effect of future security breaches.